When we give perfume to someone, we give liquid memory.

Studies have shown that our liking or disliking for scents is learned over. Our scent preferences are thus not innate or hardwired. So, if you experience a particular scent while a pleasant activity or event occurs, you will likely end up liking that scent for the rest of your life.

Odors have also earned the reputation of being the “best” cues to memory.

Memories recalled to odors are always experienced as significantly more emotional than memories triggered by any other sensory cue.

Memories associated to odors are distinguished by their emotional potency and are also more evocative; people feel more brought back to the original time and place, compared to memories associated to cues perceived through other modalities.

An ambient fragrance recalling Giorgio Armani childhood memories

In the specific case of the Armani Casa Signature Scent, Scent Company was tasked to design an ambient scent which is closely linked to Giorgio Armani childhood memories.

The fashion designer loves the smell of incense because it brings him back to special moments when he was a child.

“The smell of incense brings me back to my childhood, when I went to
church with my grandmother. It is depth and warmth and also reminds
me of the black stone of Pantelleria.” – Giorgio Armani

Pantelleria is by far the favorite place and island of Giorgio Armani, where quiet, calm and absolute silence struck him many years ago.