The cocoa scent has fascinated everyone: its uniqueness is transversal because it has captured men and women of all ages. Its history starts from afar, in the pristine lands of Central and Southern America, centuries before the Conquistadores arrived.

The best “Noses” could not escape its scent, which is sweet but not too much, refined and sensual.

Cocoa entices as an ingredient in the most irresistible desserts. It intrigues and relaxes when its notes enchant our senses if it is diffused by a beautiful bottle of perfume or through ambient scenting diffusers.

Cocoa is also used in aromatherapy because it has the power to relax the mind by opening the way to more tender and distant memories, such as those that take us back to childhood.

It stimulates the senses, associates taste and smell. In this way, the feeling of well-being is assured.

Perhaps you feel excited when you think about chocolate. Perhaps you feel really excited. No matter how you feel, though, your brain calms down with every whiff of cocoa. People get so focused on the chocolate smell that everything else takes a back seat and their brain chills out.

The experience with the F&B market

Recently, Scent Company has been tasked to design a Signature Scent to be diffused inside a famous Café & Restaurant.

To create the Signature Scent we have focused on the inputs and preferences received from the customer and on the ingredients of the dishes offered at the Café & Restaurant.

The inspiration for the ambient fragrance draws on the olfactory memory and there are mainly gourmand accords (above all chocolate) and edible essences that are associated with food like chocolate, vanilla, coco nut, hazelnut, caramel, tonka bean, sugar, licorice, biscuits and coffee.

Contact Scent Company to design the Signature Scent that best represents the mood of your Café or Restaurant.