The sense of smell is fascinating, you cannot block it or be separated from it, you can love it when surrounded by a field full of blooming flowers or even hate it when the fragrances around you are not so pleasant.

Once made only to protect us from danger, is now a vehicle that can bring us back in time and place just with a simple taste of a certain smell. Anything can trigger your memory unleashing treasurable moments, just like a hidden treasure.

Incorporating a personalized ambient fragrance in your business space or  private home, this will make the place stand out and anytime that you will sense the notes of that scent you will find yourself in the warmth of your favorite brand or of your home, no matter how far from it you are located.

That is the power of smell, it makes you feel things that you thought were far away from you or gone.

You can travel physically with your body but also take a magical journey inside your mind with the olfactory memory.

The connection between the ability to remember and smelling is stranger that with any other of the five senses. This occurs because of biological reasons; the olfactory nerve is connected directly with the amygdala and the hippocampus which are responsible for the storing of memories. The way we process emotions and smells is the same, we have reflexes that tell us if we like something or if we don’t without any filters.

Your favorite Brand or your home will always be with you as long as you’ll bring by your side the liquid memory that we call fragrance.