ISAIA flagships are scented with Scent Company’s technology and with one-of-a-kind olfactory logo that creates unique and memorable customer experiences by way of fragrance sensory connection.

Scent Company was selected by ISAIA due to its unmatched global network, unique Italian taste, extensive client portfolio in the luxury sector, and its expertise in developing olfactory logos for luxury fashion brands.

Scent Company is now scenting the flagship stores of ISAIA in Napoli, Roma, Capri, Milano, London, Hong Kong, Macau, Los Angeles, New York.

ISAIA USA flagships feature a custom tailoring shop encased in glass to highlight the craftsmen at work, a bar serving Illy coffee and Campari cocktails, and a private Vesuvio Room where VIP customers and celebrities can experience made-to-measure fittings, watch television and lounge. In an ode to Italian design, stores are decorated with unique modern art and furnishings, including a coral-colored chandelier by Milan-based designer Jacopo Foggini and a coral-red lacquered piano that doubles as a made-to-measure work table.


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