The creation of a distinctive scent for the Luxury Suites & 5-Star Aleph Hotel Rome

Designing hotel brand fragrances is a very big creative business. The first thing to do with customer is to start a real branding process. We have spent several weeks with the management of the Aleph Hotel to taste and test several fragrances until you say “It’s just this”. The target is to diffuse a scent made-to-measure which reflects the identity of the hotel, lets feel guests like home and amplifies the magic of the hotel luxury environments. Because scents have the power to change our perceptions of the world and of spaces and consequently the perceptions of the hotel.

Aleph Hotel’s tailored olfactory logo is diffused through hidden professional scent systems in the hall and in all the public areas of the six floors.

We have taken a step further, incorporating the personalized scent into home fragrances and we are now designing a new eau de parfum, for guests and to enrich the in-room amenities.

All the way across the world from Rome, the Aleph Hotel special home fragrance (which can be purchased at the boutique of the hotel) allows guests to live all over again some of the magic Italian adventures and the experience inside the luxurious hotel.


The Aleph Hotel Rome is a Chic luxury boutique hotel which has been recently acquired by Qatar’s Al Rayyan Tourism and Investment, also known as ARTIC , one of Qatar’s largest private group. Located in the center of Rome, just 100 meters from Via Veneto, the 6.500 square meter hotel includes 96 rooms and suites over six floors, a roof garden, a Spa and a range of hospitality and dining facilities. 

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