Scent Marketing Systems: something special is in the Air


After an olfactory logo is designed by Scent Company, it is important to catch the right delivery method to diffuse it, in order to appreciate the depth of a custom fragrance.


Scent Company, which has scented prestigious Luxury Hotels like the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Excelsior Hotel Gallia Milano and Armani Hotel Dubai and Milan, uses scenting system machines which are hidden or directly connected to the HVAC systems of the Hotels.


The result is a soft,

invisible and pleasantly persistent scenting.


Some hotels like Armani Hotel Milan and Dubai take it a step further, incorporating the personalized scent into linen sprays for guest rooms, into candles, home fragrances and rattan stick diffusers.



To learn more about scenting Luxury Hotels click here or see the following Video.