The perfumery that is called artistic or niche is the one that comes out of the commercial schemes to offer exclusive creations as emotions enclosed in a jus made like tailored suits.

The perfumery of author in Italy has assumed an increasingly relevant dimension and is well represented by a large number of small shops and maîtres parfumeurs. They are almost olfactory salons, with very competent and passionate staff and are able to tell unique scented stories and to represent scented experiences which are not repetitive, listless or not stimulating, but more and more experiential and driven by emotions.

This is why Scent Company organizes, in collaboration with Sileno Cheloni , a series of experiential olfactory events in business locations such as stores, hotels and spas or chez Sileno Cheloni’s studio, in the heart of Firenze.

It is also a way for us to extend the olfactory branding projects for our customers. We have gone beyond the creation of a bespoke signature scent, its diffusion in the branded environment through hidden machines and the creation of a customized and scented collection such as candles, rattan sticks diffusers, room sprays and so on.

We moved from olfactory projects to experiences that involve all the senses and where it is truly possible to personally experience the creativity and the magic of the world of artistic perfumery.


The olfactory component, isolated from other senses as a Proustian lever of emotions and as a pleasant divertissement that animates the table, has made its debut a few years  ago, also as a successful format for delicious dinners based on ingredients that have gourmand notes.

Spices, including often saffron, but also caramel, vanilla, chili, coffee, basil, honey, licorice are the protagonists, in double role, in the recipes of the olfactory dinners. We start from the raw materials, which must be of great quality, and then find the corresponding olfactory version. We collaborate with a chef to translate the essence, decomposed with great care, into a final recipe. The choice of wine is also fundamental and must be consistent with all parts of the event.

Chandler Burr, former perfume critic of the New York Times and museum curator, launched the olfactory dinners in Italy. His olfactory-culinary debut was at the Carlyle Hotel, in Manhattan, in a four-handed dinner with the then chef Jimmy Sakatos, who cooked Burr’s perfume gourmands.


We at Scent Company have added to Sensory Dinners the wonderful ability to excite with music. Perfumes are olfactory melodies that, like music, reach the deepest part of our soul, to make sublime emotions flourish.

A sensory dinner & perfume concert, is the maximum expression of an olfactory scenography; its purpose is to transport the spectator on a journey through the stimulation of the nervous system and is a concert of emotions.

During the sensory dinner with Sileno Cheloni, the olfactory notes chosen for the evening are in harmony with the culinary recipes and the musical notes played by the piano. Finally at the end of the event, each participant will have her/his personalized perfume and will attend the special incense ceremony.

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