Scent Company completes its olfactory branding projects with the olfactory events of the perfumer Sileno Cheloni. Among the olfactory events today we present the Ritual of Incense.

For the master perfumer Sileno Cheloni it is a very important event, a sort of magical ceremony. Perfumery itself is a ritual, to get in touch and to rediscover spirituality. Scent, in a sense, is spirit: potent, invisible, omnipresent, elusive, capable of transforming experience or meaning.

The history of incense is really very old. Some citations on incense have been found in some ancient texts but its use and meaning has been handed down mostly orally. This gives this practice the aura of mystery.


Incense is made primarily from aromatic woods and their various gums (polysaccharides) and resins (hydrocarbons), which are the thick, ambrosial syrup that runs in the veins of certain trees and shrubs: frankincense, myrrh, labdanum, dragon’s blood. Although these aromatic resins appear to be useful in repelling the plants’ enemies, they often have the opposite effect on humans. With their complex aromatic layering, these substances are a vehicle for spiritual exaltation. Mixed with spices and burned, they release a sweet, penetrating aroma that transports us. The burning of aromatics opens a door between the mundane and the supernatural, an elevation of consciousness that has been incorporated into the rituals and belief systems of many religions.

Information source: Aftel, Mandy. Fragrant: The Secret Life of Scent.


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The perfume, for the Egyptians, was as impalpable as the spirit and was consumed especially in the process of embalming the rich dead or trying to secure the credit for eternal life.

It was a long process, which could last even months, when herbs and woods were minutely minced in mortars, while resins and other odorous essences were melted on a low flame, then using honey, oil or wine to mix all the ingredients.


In Japan more than five centuries of an ancestral tradition have transformed the use of incense (koh, perfume in Japanese) into a real ritual.

The art of koh-doh (“The way of perfume”) is the technique for “listening” to fragrances. It was very used in particular in the imperial court, and is considered as an ancient ritual like the tea ceremony, archery and Ikebana and the art of arranging flowers.

During the fumigation, the conscious perception of the perfumes allows to expand the inner world, to strengthen the spirit, to stimulate creativity and imagination: this is why today in Japan there is a real rebirth of this ritual-game.

Information source:

Rossi, Mariangela. Dillo con un profumo: Come scegliere la fragranza ideale.



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