Scent Company is the official scenting partner of Universo Ferrari in Maranello, the event created to celebrate 90 years of the Brand. The 14.000 square meters location is fully scented with a Signature Scent especially designed by Scent Company for the event and the brand Ferrari.


Universo Ferrari is an immersive and emotional exhibition that for the first time puts on display, for both clients and the general public, all the various aspects of the fascinating world of the ‘House of Maranello‘.

Opening its doors at the company’s historic headquarters, offering exclusive visits for the whole month of September 2019, Universo Ferrari (Ferrari Universe) represents the biggest gift that Ferrari could make to its clients, afficionados, and fans, being the first exhibition in Maranello dedicated to the world of the legendary brand. To make the whole event even more special, the exhibition will take place alongside the legendary Fiorano race track inside a huge structure especially set up for the event to house various features that make the House of Maranello so unique.


The addition of a custom ambient fragrance, diffused inside the exhibition space of Universo Ferrari, let visitors experience the scent in connection to the brand Ferrari and will form a lasting memory association with the event and the brand experience.

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