The link between music and perfume is intimate.

Perfumes are olfactory melodies that, like music, reach the deepest part of our soul to make sublime emotions flourish.

A perfume concert, together with a musical show, is the maximum expression of an olfactory scenography; its purpose is to transport the spectator on a journey within himself through the stimulation of the nervous system and is, in effect, a concert of emotions.

The terminology linked to perfumes speaks precisely of “olfactory notes“.

Because music is perhaps the art form closest to that of perfume.

Creating new fragrances, master perfumers each time give life to a particular olfactory pyramid, represented by the “geometric” visualization made up of the single olfactory notes which, in each perfume, represent the “score”, the particular melody that derives from the combination of essences.

As Guy de Maupassant wrote, “On hearing that sonata,

I could no longer tell whether

I was breathing music

or listening to scent.

For the sounds, colors and smells do not answer one another in nature only, but in ourselves they are blended at times into a profound unity, drawing different responses from different organs.”